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Brunner's Landscaping Services

Brunner's Lawn and Services, ltd is a full service company that is dedicated to provide the customer a quality product. Brunner's is not just a lawn maintenance company. The company provides a multitude of services to the customers to which they serve.

Lawn Care Dayton

Lawn Maintenance (trimming, edging, and clipping cleanup)

Brunner's experienced staff is dedicated to providing our customers with a beautiful lawn they can be proud of.

Property Cleanup Dayton

Property Cleanups

Because our customers are living very busy lives, we provide various cleanup services such as: Spring cleanups, Fall cleanups (leaf removal included), and brush cleanups. These services are designed to help our customers achieve a beautiful property.

Lawn Maintenance Dayton

Flowerbed Maintenance

Our customers love their flower beds. Brunner's will remove unwanted weeds, trim and remove the prior year's plantings, and plant fresh seasonal flowers at the customer's request.

Mulching Dayton


Mulch is one of the single most important services that make flowerbeds gorgeous. Brunner's will provide a mechanical edge to beds, remove unwanted weeds, and place fresh mulch at the customers request.

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Shrub Trimming

It is important to trim shrubbery at least once a year. Our company will trim existing shrubbery to provide a clean and crisp appearance.

Landscape Installation Dayton

Landscape Installation

Our company's trained staff is prepared to help each customer with designing new landscape and the installation of the landscape for their property.

Winter Services Dayton

Winter Services

Brunner's will provide snow removal services and salting services when the weather elements provide unsafe areas for residential and commercial customers.